Title 24 FAQ

Q: When is the best time to request a Title 24 Compliance Report?
A: The best time to request Title 24 assistance is during the earliest planning stages of your project. By utilizing our energy consulting ideas you can produce an end result which will maximize energy efficiency while minimizing construction costs.
Q: What information do I need to provide to complete a Title 24 Report?
A: You need to supply a complete set of plans. You will also need to provide answers to the following information for new or existing residential or commercial buildings:

New Buildings:

  • Building Floor Plans
  • Square footage of the building
  • Window size, door sizes and locations
  • Type of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Size and type of water heater
  • Building orientation
  • Contact information
  • Address of the property
  • Lighting plans

Additions or Alterations to Existing Buildings:

  • Square footage of the existing structure
  • Identify any windows, doors and windows scheduled to be replaced
  • Also note if any changes are planned for the roof
  • Detail if you will be using the existing hot water heater and heating and air conditioning systems
Q: Why is the building department asking for Title 24 compliance when I'm only doing an alteration and I'm not adding any square footage?
A: Often we are only changing doors and windows. However, when the opening size is changed it has an effect on the energy budget for your home or building. The building department will either require you to make the new windows or doors dual pane, or ask that a Title 24 energy calculation be done to show that the changes will not exceed your allowed energy budget.
Q: Why do I need to provide drawing of my existing home when I'm adding space to it?
A: If we attempt to model your home's addition as a new building, it normally won't comply with the current energy efficiency standards. Therefore, we model your existing home and then we model it with the addition to compare the two models. This is a much more laborious and time consuming approach for us, however we have found that compliance becomes both easier and more cost effective in the end. We have been able to save our clients time and money by using this approach.